29. 11. 12

Vaja Writing about the book

Dear students!

By now you have read the book and seen the film David Copperfield. Your next task is to read a composition about the book and write your opinion about it (approximately 200 words).

Send your papers by e-mail to justforfun@gmail.com.

Vaje iz besedišča

Dear students!

Your vocabulary is great! But you have to keep on going! The sky is the limit!

Try to do some vocabulary exercises and learn something new. Just click the sign below.

Film David Copperfield

Dear students!

For all the enthusiasts who have already read the book, now is the time to watch the film version of the book.

There are two tasks I would like you to do.
1) Find at least three differences between the book and the film.
2) Try to find reasons for these differences.

You can send your answers by e-mail: justforfun@gmail.com

Knjižna predloga

Dear students!

For the regional English language competition there is book to read. This year it is a great one by Charles Dickens: David Copperfield.

For those who just love e-books, there is a free download version at the Gutenberg site. Just click on the picture below and download it to you Kindle or IPad.

Lanska tekmovalna naloga

Dear students!

As you are back on the blog, this means that you have classified for the regional English language competition.
For the first exercise, try to take the last year regional test and get familiarized with the types of tasks.

There is also a listening exercise in the test. The recording can be found here.

And because I know you are dying to know what the correct answers are, you can also check them by yourselves.

Rezultati šolskega tekmovanja

Drage učenke in učenci!

Rezultati šolskega tekmovanja iz angleščine so končno uradni. Imena so bila objavljena tudi v The Ljubljana Post. Iskrene čestitke vsem!